Pain Control

Dr. Nierode makes every effort to administer local anesthetics (lidocaine) in a slow, gentle, and comfortable manner, thus eliminating any pain that may accompany dental treatment. The duration of numbness after treatment varies from patient to patient and depends on what drug was used. Generally the numbness wears off after two to three hours. Parents must be careful to watch their child for chewing or biting of inner cheeks or tongue that can cause them to be injured.

Our office also offers Oraverse to all patients receiving restorative treatment.  Oraverse (phentolamine mesylate) is a reversal agent that dramatically decreases the length of time a patient is numb. A patient will be numb for usually only 1 hour instead of the usual 2-3 hours.  This is especially helpful for pediatric patients as they often have never been numb before or have a harder time coping with the feeling of being numb. They will feel like their normal selves quicker and can begin eating their usual diet sooner.